Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Battle Report: Day Of The DOWA - SpaceKrieg 28mm Sci Fi

FuturKom troops plot the doom of their enemies.
Our group likes to roll out to support local gaming events here in Manitoba, and this past weekend we attended LegioCon in Winnipeg and ran a demonstration game of SpaceKrieg, our home brew 28mm sci-fi skirmish rules.  The scenario was set in the horribly abused city of Staliningrad and pitted the antagonists of FuturKom against the other antagonists, Gün Schwarm.  Here are some pictures and a short account of the game.
Table setup showing the DOWA in launch position.

(Click above to see a short video of the table)

The Kommulist Marshals have tired of the constant conflict in the city, and the occupied spaceport that is keeping the Gün Schwarm troops supplied.  So a Device Of Widespread Annihilation (DOWA) has been moved into position to, ahem, "deal with" the situation.  Gün command noted the arrival of the DOWA, and sent crack troops to capture it.

FuturKom squad manning Community Outreach centre.
The table was 6' x 4', covered with Dallas' awesome urban ruins and his outstanding 40k landing pad and strong point (known generally to us as the "community outreach centre").  The DOWA (a 1/50 scale model of a Soviet SCUD done beautifully by Dallas) was set in the middle.  The Güns would approach from either short table edge, and to stop the launch they had to get an infantry model to base contact with it by the last turn - they could not shoot at it with AT weapons as the "local incident risk" was a bit high for that.

FuturKom commander provides early interview to KNN.
"We're going to take it one battle at a time, and try to move the ball forward with each play."
The game would be eight turns.  Dallas and Mike F took the Kommulist side, while Dave V and I rolled with the Güns.  Both sides had an ample assortment of infantry and tanks.  The Güns had a Valkyrie with some heavy infantry, and the Kommers had the support of the FuturKom flyer.  For fun we also put a 28mm sci-fi media crew on the table.  They were from KNN - Kommulist News Network (a division of FuturPravda) and they had no impact on the rules, but made for some entertaining photos.

Gün recon brews up on the first turn.
"Stay tuned to KNN for more on our special report about flank shots!"

Valkyrie lands on Dallas' awesome platform, complete with flashing lights.

Gün heavy infantry disembarks, not long for this world.
Dave and I divided our forces, pushing the armour ahead with the hopes of either clearing the enemy vehicles and troops away, or at least ending up with well-placed burning hulks that would serve to cover the last minute dash of our infantry. We used the Hetzer and the Valkyrie as diversions, and sent a Panther, the SchwarmBot and the Flakpanzer down one road, hoping to clear a path for two APCs loaded with troops.

SU-300 draws a bead...just not very well.
Nothing says "tank country" like a city street.
Our diversionary stuff got lit up (damn Mike F and his hot-rolling) but served something of a purpose. Our main thrust was slowed by a visit from the FuturKom flyer.  We did manage to knock out the KomBot and then ram a Space Panther and the Flakpanzer right up against the DOWA. 

SU-300 performing some local community renovations.

FuturKom flyer buzzes the table.
Our efforts were greatly assisted by the inability of the FuturKom SU-300 to hit the broad side of a barn.

Gün vehicles head for the DOWA.

"So, how does it feel to be hit with a 120mm high-velocity round?"
The FuturKom BRDMs, however, were having quite a day, knocking out both of our APCs,  and we lost a lot of infantry from that. The surviving troops made a mad dash for the DOWA, and were trading blows with the FuturKom troops (who had difficulty engaging due to the blocking of our armoured vehicles) when we had to call the game.  I would Thorpishly say it was a draw, but a draw with a definite tinge tilting toward the Kommulists...

The Güns cling to the objective - but Futurkom has more troops...
"And we now go live to an opposing lackey officer. At what point did you think this game was lost?"
Thanks to Dallas, Mike and Dave for braving the inclement weather that day to join us for the game.  I would note that LegioCon enjoyed a healthy attendance, despite the weather and the best efforts of its website (inside joke).  It was great to share some Fawcett Avenue craziness with the crowd.

One quick PS - while we have some fun with journalists in this post, we acknowledge that there are some serious professional people who do it for real, and in some cases they pay the ultimate price for it so we can have some idea of what is happening while we are safe in Canada. Check out Reporters Without Borders for more information.


The Angry Lurker said...

Beautiful, figures, terrain, reporting...beautiful everything and no I don't know what's wrong with me....

Jay said...

Fun stuff!

MIK said...

What a great looking battle! The reporters really did add a nice touch too.

Curt said...

Great looking game, guys!

I like the Reporters without Borders postscript - good touch.

James Martin said...

Spacekrieg seems to have disappeared from your blog, will it ever be coming back? FutureKom and Ko have given me some great ideas... :-)

Greg B said...

Thanks for your comment James. It's great that you have found some inspiration.

It has been a while since the sinister FuturKom has been seen, but Dallas and I are pretty tied into a big 30k project right now. Having said that, it won't be too long before they are back again...

James Martin said...

Good stuff, I'll look forward to that :-) Meantime, I'll just put my feet up and ogle the beautiful job you guys have done on your Heresy stuff!