Sunday, February 5, 2012

All Your Base (can be obtained quite inexpensively)

The mailman cometh...
Most of my 28mm figures are based singly on Games Workshop-style plastic slottabases, either 25mm round or 20mm square. I like the uniformity of these bases and ease of handling figures by them. Problem is I've run out, and with some 28mm projects coming up too!

GW: $11.93USD*
GW pack of 31 round bases, $12*. This includes a 60mm round, 5 each 40mm round and "bike" bases, and 20 25mm rounds: $0.385USD per base (counting each base equally, and ignoring the fact that I neither want nor need large rounds or "bike bases").

Unwilling to pay the extortionate prices GW want for their bases I turned to the global sourcing market in the form of eBay... and found what I consider a deal.

eBay: $13.99USD
eBay pack of 100 25mm rounds: $13.99USD. I don't get any extraneous stuff I don't want or need, and free shipping: $0.1399USD per base. One-third less - purchased on 24 January, arrived on 3 February. Sorted. 

*I converted GW's Canadian pricing into USD to make it an equivalent comparison. Conversion calculated using


MIK said...

Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Always get all my bases from the E-BAY. Look under BASES for some cool resin bases. Always amazed at whats out there.

Michael said...

Zoom Zigg