Monday, July 26, 2010

Astronomi-con Winnipeg 2010 - Results

Congratulations to this year's Astronomi-con Winnipeg award winners!

BEST OVERALL - BrockJ - Traitor Imperial Guard
BEST SPORTSMAN - DaveG - Witch Hunters
BEST ARMY - GraemeB - Witch Hunters
BEST APPEARANCE - MarioR - Ultramarines
BEST GENERAL - MikeK - Alaitoc Eldar
BEST TERRAIN - KevinN - "Welcome To The Jungle"
BEST SINGLE FIGURE - DaveS - Nurgle Blight Drone
BEST ARMY LIST - DaveV (me) - Eldar Swordwind

The breakdown of results are available here.

I had 6 fun games against great opponents. I have posted pictures, strategy and batreps for each game.

With regard to the other categories, I came in 2nd for Appearance, behind Mario's superbly converted and painted Ultramarines. This despite my receiving the highest Appearance score ever at an Astro event, 29/30. There's more conversions in my tournament army now than in past iterations.

With a game play record of 3W-2D-1L, I was also fortunate enough to finish Second Place Overall. Yeah, Brock and his Guard schooled me - we actually were tied for first place with identical tournament scores, and the overall event win deservedly went to Brock on the tiebreak.

The Astronomi-con series are qualifiers for Games Workshop's North American Tournament Circuit. As such, both Brock and I qualified for the Vegas Finals Invitational - the North American 40K championship tournament to be held in Las Vegas, NV in summer 2011:

My better half, J., is very interested in seeing the sights of Sin City, so I'm planning on attending the Vegas finals. Cirque de Soleil, here we come!

Thanks again to Christian, Mike and Keith for putting on one of the best 40K events around.


Sylvain said...

Congratulations on your results. Guy laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, started as a street performer, moved his business to Vegas and eventually got to orbit Earth aboard the International Space Station. Who knows if, after Winnipeg and Vegas you might not get an invitation to the first orbital WH40k tournament.

Dallas said...

Congratulations Dave!