Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Forge of Vaul is hot

Finished a project that's been sitting on my painting table for months - a turret to convert my Falcon into a Fire Prism Grav Tank.

The big gem-like Prism Cannon and its activating laser are rough pewter castings that together weigh more than the rest of the tank. The prism took a long time to prepare, requiring lots of putty, filing and sanding. The turret's resulting mass makes the tank top heavy, so I mounted it on a very low magnetized base. I added a resin Forge World crystal targeting matrix to represent the tank's enhanced Ballistic Skill 4. The usual stuff for the rest - pilot with two-stage highlighting finished with oil glazes, the canopy dipped in Future Floor Polish to get rid of scratches, etc.

Dr. Faust has a good tutorial on an alternate method of preparing this kit:

GW should make a plastic weapon fit, since this is the main battle tank of the Eldar.

This vehicle made its combat debut Wednesday night against Thurston's Saim-Hann army. Surprisingly, it weathered hits from multiple heavy weapons to survive the battle unscathed.

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