Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Games Do We Focus On?

Some gaming groups seem to exist to play a particular game (like 40k, for example) or are devoted to a particular period (like WW2). Looking through my Dallas invites for the past year, I have been able to evaluate the games we have played, and can inform you that the Fawcett Conscripts are focused solely on the following eras and scales which we have played...

- WW 1 in 28mm
- WW2 in 28mm
- WW2 in 15mm
- WW2 in 6mm
- WW3 (Soviets vs. NATO) in 28mm
- WW3 (Soviets vs. NATO) in 6mm
- WW 3 (Soviets vs. NATO) in 2mm
- Afghanistan (Soviets vs. Mujahideen) in 28mm
- Former Yugoslavia in 28mm
- Mobile Suit Gundam in 1/400 scale
- World War "Z" in 28mm
- Napeloenics in 15mm
- Seven Years' War in 15mm
- Robotech in 1/200 scale
- "Check your Six" in 1/144 scale
- Korean Air War in 1/300 scale
- Old West in 28mm
- Sudan in 28mm
- Marvel super heroes (I guess the scale would be 25mm)
- Star Wars Miniatures (ditto with the scale)
- Star Wars Miniatures space combat (be sure to ask about the "Special Needs Squadron")
- Roman Gladiatorial Combat in 28mm
- Space Mecha Combat in 1/144 scale
- Modern Naval Gaming in 1/1200 (the Ticonderoga was lost, you say?)
- Warhammer 40k (that can't possibly be the real Typhus...)
- Lord of the Rings
- Space Hulk
- Warmaster

Other than that, we really don't game very many periods...


Dallas said...

Holy Jeebus, that's alot of periods/scales. I'm sure we can improve on those in 2009, though.

We can have a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, for instance.



Greg B said...

Also, in 2009 we should be able to add:

- 6mm sci-fi (Future War Commander)
- Heavy Gear

Higher - Faster - Stronger...

Greg B said...

And AT-43..

Cam said...

You left out WWI naval gaming in (I think)1/1200.
Possibly DBA too (didn't a few folk throw down during a painting night?)