Monday, July 27, 2015

PaK 36(r) Guns for 15mm WW2

15mm PaK 36(r) section from Battlefront
 A little more WW2 stuff from the summer painting table, this time in 15mm.  These are PaK 36(r) anti-tank guns from Battlefront.  There were two guns with crews in the blister pack.  There is also a 3-man SMG command team, but I haven't painted them yet...

Some pigment on the muzzle brake to give the barrel a "used" look
Confronted by tides of Russian tanks and the demands of the huge and extended eastern front, as well as continued fighting in North Africa, the Germans pressed a number of captured Russian guns into their own service.  The 76.2mm guns were captured from the Russians in very large numbers from the huge pockets of Red Army troops enveloped during Operation Barbarossa, and the Germans put them into the line.

I tried a camo pattern on the gun commander...not much of a result, but good to practice I guess
The gun was adjusted to take 75mm ammunition for the PaK 40 anti-tank guns, and provided German units with a decent anti-tank gun.  The same gun was mounted on the Marder anti-tank gun carriers.  I think these saw action in the North African desert and against the Red Army on the eastern front.

The crew castings have a nice animation to them
I don't know if many of these guns were still around by later 1944 and 1945, but I liked to think a few of them would have still been in the line, particularly with Volksgrenadier-type formations.  As the Allies closed in, I'm sure the Germans used whatever guns were available, particularly in the east. 

Nice crew figures, and extras like ammo boxes
I believe the Germans also used these guns in their more traditional artillery role - I think the German designation for that was FK36(r), but I start to get confused when I look into the different versions of the gun, and then the different German versions of the different Russian versions...

T-34s targeted...
These models were decent, nice ones to work with from Battlefront. You get neat little extras, like shell containers, spent shell casings and the like. These two guns will work well in games of Flames of War, Battlegroup, and even Chain of Command.

Some more 15mm WW2 stuff up next...


Curt said...

Lovely work Greg! I particularly like the weathering and the addition of the ammo boxes.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Looking good! The weathering looks spot on.