Monday, December 7, 2009

Some (blurry) SYW Progress

More progress over the weekend on the Seven Years War project. I have almost finished my first 6mm Austrian unit. I am basing them for the "Might & Reason" rules by Sam Mustafa. The rules are abstracted to brigade level, and each "unit" is represented by two bases, two-inches wide and one inch deep. I didn't actually know how many 6mm infantry figures I could pack on to the bases, so it was a bit of an experiment. Turns out the answer is 20 per base, meaning 40 castings per unit.

The picture above(sorry - it's a bit blurry) shows the unit nearly completed, with the section on the right still "baking" into the goop, while the section on the left has been painted and had some static grass added.

I can remember Brian H. mentioning to me that one of the few criticisms of the "Might & Reason" rules was the basing system, and he definitely has a point - it's hard to place the standard carrier and command group in a way that feels "right" when your frontage is divided equally across two bases. But I decided to stick with the two-base system anyway, because I'm too impatient to wait for more bases, and one postive is that I find it creates a sense of the rigidity that permeated the linear doctrines of the era (i.e. it should not look right UNLESS you are in line).

Further progress tonight - hopefully Monday Night Football will provide a background to finish a second unit.

PS - here is a blurry pic of the finished unit - using a flag for the Napoleonic setting - a bit beardy, but it's 6mm so I figured it was close enough.. (Hey Brian - I need some flags!)

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